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Sam Glaeser's Prom Campaign for Believe In Tomorrow

Samantha Glaeser

Samantha Glaeser

I have excitedly accepted the nomination to run for this season’s Believe In Tomorrow Prom Queen. Since I moved back home close to three years ago, I have had the pleasure in attending, organizing, and co-hosting many BIT events. In this time, I have had the opportunity to learn so much about this wonderful organization. From meeting and spending time with some of the families as their child’s face lights up over a stack of pancakes at Ocean 13, to working with other local volunteers and businesses for the same cause. I am in awe of what BIT provides for these families and I am extremely proud of the community I live in which supports their efforts wholeheartedly.

I am honored that Believe in Tomorrow has put their trust in me as I embark on this adventure. I am truly lucky to already have such overwhelming support from my family, friends, and my work family at Deeley Insurance Group.

I hope that you, my friends, will join me in the mission of raising the most funds possible for these children and their families. Any efforts, small or large, are truly appreciated. Please share this page to start :)

I challenge you. Join me :) It’s going to be fun!


raised of $20,000 goal