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Is there still a Port to Fort 6k race?
Yes! Because we cannot run and walk together at our Annual Port To Fort Race this year, we are launching the Don’t Stop Believin' Virtual Port To Fort 6k Tour taking place on April 19th at 8:30am. You can run anywhere you would like! Click Here to register.

I am already registered, now that the race is virtual, do I need to do anything?
No, you are automatically registered as a virtual runner.

How do I register for the 2020 Port to Fort 6K?
Click Here to register.

How can I make a donation to the Port to Fort 6K?
You can make a direct donation by clicking here.

How do I create or form a team?The choice to join or create a team is available during the registration process. While registering at Port2Fort.org, a step of the registration process will ask if you want to form or join a team. Please note you must be a fundraiser in order to create a new team. At that point, you can create a team and others will be able to join it when they register.

I am Not Registered Yet
Click Here to register.
Can you register the day of the race?
Yes, you can still register for Port to Fort the morning of the race, Click Here.

How do I access my team's page?
You can access your team page on your personal fundraising page or by clicking the "find a team" button on Port2Fort.org and entering your team name in the search box.  

How do I edit my account/fundraising page/team name?
When you registered for the event, you created an account through Rallybound, the system that we use to administer the Port to Fort event. Use the account information you created to log into Rallybound, where you can make changes to your account and fundraising page. If you would like to change your team name, please contact the Believe In Tomorrow team to help at events@believeintomorrow.org

Now that the race is virtual, how will you track participation?
We are happy to cheer you on, please post pictures of your run and tag us @BelieveInTmw on Facebook and Instagram and use the hashtag #p2f2020 so we can say congrats!
What should I include in the post of my running experience?
We encourage you to post as many fun things as you want to include! This could be you running with your kids, pets and others. This could be your start and end time as well. Share your best enthusiastic self with all of us! Please make sure you ag us @BelieveInTmw on Facebook and Instagram and use the hashtag #p2f2020
Will I still receive a bib number?
Yes, you will be emailed a bib that you can print and pin on while you run/walk. You can also click here to download the bib.
Will I still receive the race T-shirt?
Yes. We know that as a runner you are excited to have your race shirt. Depending on what is the safest course of action, we will either be mailing you the shirt or having a pickup location. More to come soon on exactly how and when you will receive your race shirt.
How long is a 6K race?
A 6K race is 3.72 miles. Runners and walkers encouraged!